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Yes, there are still Elk in Idaho. 


Our hunters see, work and kill nice elk.


Our Hunters keep rebooking Elk hunts to come on back.


Why do you think that might be?


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To plan a quality Idaho Elk Hunt!

Dont for get for only $31.75 you can make every elk hunt a combo WOLF hunt!!

B bar C outfitters Elk
Elk B bar C Outfitters 2012

 2022 Rifle and Archery Elk hunts still available call for details.


IDFG has cut tags for NON RESIDENTS in 2021.  We have gaurenteed tags until July but be sure to get reserved and purchase tags December 1 the year proir to the hunt.  we can hold  and Guarantee LOLO Elk tags until the end of July and then its a free for all.  I strongly urge all Elk and Deer hunters to plan ahead.


Elk hunting in our areas in Idaho has been very good these past few years. Hunting remote well scouted areas paid off for our hunters.

Low tag sales numbers (lowered quotas), the wolf hunt, habitat improvement, as well as our continued yearly big kill of predatory spring bear and winter lion has produced good kill rates, nice bulls taken and lots of good bulls still on the hoof.

Guided elk hunting has NEVER been easy in this area but the right preparation, planning and hard work really pays off before and after the kill.


Idaho is a great elk destination. Our Combo hunts are very varied offering the hunter a wide range of game to take.  All elk tags are guaranteed through us - no draw. Contained in this website is lots of information detailing all of our Idaho hunts. If you need more specifics or would like to reserve space do not hesitate to call us right away.


2022 still has limited rifle or archery and muzzleloader spots open. Contact us for further information or to reserve space. 


The cost of the guided Deer and Elk combo Hunt is currently $5500.00 plus tags are $653 for elk plus $83 for the archery or ML stamp. Deer tags are $351.75.  If you plan a hunt with us tags will be guaranteed. You must get LOLO A & B tags (or we can get them for you) for you as per instruction. Otherwise you are responsible for buying your own tags in a timely fashion unless specifically told otherwise – check with Inga for any questions and help buying your tags in advance.


Hunts are booked with $1000 down lock into current price and reserve a tag. Tag prices are subject to change.  Hunters will have the expense of transportation to and from Missoula MT and 2 nights stay in Missoula. All animals will be caped and transported to the taxidermist for head and hide shipper and processor but meat processing (about $00.75 a pound) and taxidermy will be the hunter’s expense. Gratuity for your guide and cook is also not included in the price of the hunt. There are no trophy fees.  A second Deposit of $1000 is due along with your license purchase for ML OR Arch hunts prior to Feb 1st of the year of the hunt. Final payment with tax is due in full 30 days prior to the start of the hunt. Booking now will hold the current hunt price. I do anticipate going up by next Show season.


The hunt will consist of 5 days of fully guided elk hunting. As outlined above Hunters will fly into Missoula MT and limited pick up from hotel there ($400 fee covers round trip due in cash at pick up) and transport them to camp. If you choose to fly to Spokane you can rent a vehicle and drive to camp. The hunt includes all food lodging and transportation once hunters arrive in camp until they depart.


Deer only hunts are available for $4500 plus tags.  Deer hunting has a very limited book and a huge success rate. For details, please contact Inga by phone or e-mail.


Over the years we have specialized in Elk & Deer, Lion, Bear and more recently wolf hunting and have many references. We generally hunt from pack-in camps but the hunting can be just as good from our remote base camp. Depending on which camp you choose, we have cabins or wall tents for housing. Both have wood heat with comfortable cots and foams. You will need sleeping bags, full camo in layers with a waterproof outer layer. The prices outlined above include all food lodging pick-up and return to Missoula as well as full guide service (please note full guide service does not necessarily mean your guide is with you at all times, please ask if you do not understand any information here) and caping of critters. Things not included in the price are, Gratuity for guides and cooks, 2 nights stay in Missoula (if flying with pick up), meat processing and taxidermy or shipping or hides or meat.


Availability is limited. Of course, we are in contact with prospective clients daily. Hunts are reserved with a phone call or e-mail and then held for 10 days until initial deposit is received at which time the space is confirmed.


If you have any pricing questions or would like to build a more specific hunt package let us know.  The following are some references (we have Many more just ask) for our outfits from the last few years.  Thanks again for your interest! Please enjoy your visit to our websites and e-mail us for pictures and further information.  We look forward to helping you plan a great hunting adventure in Idaho.

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